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After all the mechanization of the industry, handmade products have become very rare and very valuable. Most things that we buy have been made by a machine, along with thousands of other items that day, which look exactly the same and have nothing in special. The true value of handiwork seems to be lost, as a neverending flow of seralized merchandising fills the shelves of shops. 

Handmade articles are certainly unique. They are fabricated by a human being, not a machine, and therefore there is a lot of sentiment put into it. The skill of the artisan is put into play every time, and no two pieces are alike. Whenever you acquire a handmade object, you hold in your hands something that is one of a kind, never matched, never replicated. You hold a bit of work of a passionate man or woman made with purpose and with dedication. Nothing in an industrially fabricated item can compare to that.


Glass Christmas ornaments for your Christmas tree


We offer glass artworks for Christmas trees, from the traditional spheres and icicles to more unique pieces of different shapes; pinecones, bells, Christmas gifts, angels and artistic abstract figures. All of them are 100% handmade using very special techniques that are very rare to see nowadays. We offer pieces made with spun glass and blow glass techniques. These processes have been cast out of the scene by cheaper industrial processes, but we believe in the value of the work of hand and defend it to the end.

Crafting objects with these techniques is a labor-intensive process that requires great skill on the part of the glass artist. Few people who can reach this level of compromise and skill are still around and working. Luckily, we have found some of the best and gathered them together to keep following their dreams of creating the most beautiful glass ornaments with their very hands.


Order your own Christmas ornaments!

As every ornament that we sell is unique, this means that you can get any one of them done for yourself under your own requirements. Choose technique, shape, size and colour for all your Christmas ornaments. Order personalized products for you or as a gift for someone else. 

We offer a special pricing for large quantity orders. This is your best chance to get a full set of Christmas ornaments for your Christmas tree. Turn it into a magical, otherworldy tree with our ethereal glass ornaments. Order a matching set of at least 30 pieces and we will give you a free, personalized, elaborated glass star to crown your christmas tree. Can you already see the glimmer of the lights reflecting in the dozens of crystal decorations? It is a magical scene without which nobody should be left. 

Contact us right now to order your custom set of glass ornaments. Call us on the number above or fill out our contact form. We will be back in touch with answers to all your enquiries!

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"The products of Warm Glass Art are certainly unique. I have never seen more beautiful ornaments. You can tell by the second that they are hand finished. They are so delicate that they are a delight to watch."
Celia Thompson

Happy Client

"I received a pack of Warm Glass Art ornaments as a gift, and I was stranged to find that they were Christmas ornaments, usually you don't get that as a present. Then I understood the reason. They are so beautiful and so perfect that I could be staring at them all day long."
Jenny Preston

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